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Fire Co. Response to Pandemic

Saturday, March 14, 2020

With the current concern for the COVID-19 Virus, and following recommendations from the State of Emergency announced by Governor Carney, the Fire Company leadership has put the following policies in place until further notice:

We are limiting outside visitors at the station, including ride-alongs.

We are not doing any Fire Prevention visits or displays.

We are reviewing all policies and recommendation from the Department of Health and Human Services on the current practices with handling incidents with potential COVID-19 patients.

We are reviewing the use of proper precautions including hand washing, as well as the use of special infection control equipment. Additionally, we have added more of this equipment to our units, to assure protection for our staff when encountering potential COVID-19 patients.

We will be limiting initial contact by responders to patients on medical incidents with potential COVID-19 patients, until their status is determined.

We have added additional cleaning and sanitizing procedure for our ambulances to reduce potential exposure to our patients.

We have cancelled all unnecessary fire company meetings.

Our hall is currently still operating as normal, but the Fire Company leadership is working with our Auxiliary to assure the safety of our members and clients. Any change will be announced, and any scheduled clients will be notified.

We appreciate your understanding as we, along with the rest of the world, attempt to limit exposure for our staff and patients to this easily spread disease. Please visit the Delaware Department of Health and Human Services website (link below) for more information on how to protect yourself and loved ones.

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