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Operations Policies Update For the Public

Monday, March 16, 2020

We wanted to share an update to our current policies and procedures on medical responses, during this COVID-19 Pandemic.

We are continuing to reinforce the importance in the use of proper precautions including hand washing, as well as the use of special infection control equipment with our staff. We are encouraging our personnel who feel ill to not come to work to reduce potential exposure to others in the station. We will continue to limit initial contact by responders to patients on medical incidents with potential COVID-19 patients, until their status is determined.

A new policy, to work with the hospitals in reducing potential exposure to already sick patients, is to not allow anyone to ride with patients in the ambulance, except for 1 parent for an injured or sick child, until further notice. We also have reduced our in station staffing to minimal levels, to assure prompt responses 24 hours a day, while reducing the potential to make more members ill.

It is important to understand that this global pandemic can be slowed and stopped by taking small, easy steps like these, however inconvenient to us all. For more updated information about the COVID-19 virus, visit the Delaware Department of Health and Social Services page at the link below.

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