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Entry# 5:  Lisa Getz-DiStefano
Location:  Wilmington, DE New Castle
Comments:  I want to personally thank the paramedics from Cranston Heights who came to my father's house to help him on Friday May 12. They were all extremely kind, and thorough. He is 91 years old and fairly hard of hearing. They all spoke slowly and loud so that he could understand, and treated him with the utmost respect. Thank you again for your professionalism and caring!
Sign Date:  May 16, 2017

Entry# 4:  C
Location:  Townsend, Delaware United States
Comments:  I know it probably doesn't seem like much, but we were in the middle of a funeral on our way to the grave yard when one of your engine's turned onto the same road as the entrance to the cemetery. Instead of driving past, the engine stopped and activated the emergency lights to allow all of the vehicles into the cemetery. This probably doesn't seem like a big task, but I really thought it was a kind deed. I am a member of a company in Southern New Castle County, and while the guys on the engine had no idea, I respected them like the true brothers they are.
Sign Date:  January 27, 2012

Entry# 3:  Bob Romig
Location:  Kissimmee, flordia usa
Department:  Florida Fire Chiefs Assoc
Comments:  Great website guys. Now I can check on the boys at the "14" house and my good buddy George "Train" Lambert. You forgot a piece of apparatus that is very important. What about the antique? How about some of your old antiques? I know Danny Biggers has photos and probably parks. Keep up the good work with the Fab 7!
Sign Date:  March 10, 2011

Entry# 2:  William Robinett
Location:  New Castle, USA
Department:  Good-Will Fire Co.
Comments:  I like the web site it turned out great. Keep up the good work.
Sign Date:  March 7, 2011

Entry# 1:  Craig A. (DOCO) Gery
Location:  Wilmington, Delaware N.C.
Department:  N/A
Comments:  thinking of joining....belonged to late 80`s early 90`s started working for amtrak an was working out of town ....i am 51 on alister dr. would liketo get back..!... thank you C.A.GERY
Sign Date:  March 7, 2011

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