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Beware of Possible Telephone Scammers: Fraudulent Solicitation

Just a Friendly Reminder: The Cranston Heights Fire Company, as well as any other Fire Company and/or Fire Department in the State of Delaware conducts Solicitation of Funds by Telephone. Also, we do not receive Any Fund Raising by Any Group in our name, unless we share the information with the Public. Unfortunately, we have heard of funds being solicited by phone by the "Firefighter Alliance Group" from a Hockessin phone number. Please know, that we ONLY send out Fundraising Solicitation by US Mail, which will specifically be on CHFCo. Letterhead. If you EVER have any questions as to the validity of any solicitation for funding in our name, please do not hesitate to send us a Email or feel free to contact the Fire Station directly (1-302-998-3140) with Any Questions. Thank you, The Officers and Members of the Cranston Heights Fire Company #1, Inc.

Caption: Beware of Possible Phone Scam: Fraudulent Solicitation
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