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Employment Opportunity, Supplemental Staffing positions, Open/Continuous

Friday, December 11, 2020

The Cranston Heights Fire Company No.1 is selectively seeking qualified Nationally Registered EMTs to work a part-time supplemental basis, 0600-1800 and 1800-0600 hours daily. Primary responsibilities are to respond to first due EMS emergencies (first emergency on nights and weekends} within our response district and surrounding districts, as requested. Secondary responsibilities will be to clean and maintain the stock on the first due ambulance on the day of your shift. 

Minimum qualifications are as follows: 
Maintained Nationally Registered EMT 
Maintained Delaware EMT 
Valid State Driver license 
Valid Delaware EVO card or Delaware EVO course credit card 
Clean Driver Record 

Qualifications preferred but not required: 
DSFS Basic Firefighter Skills
DSFS Structure Firefighter Skills 
Vehicle Rescue 
Hazardous Materials Response Skills 
NFPA Firefighter I & II 

Rate of Pay: $17.50 per hour, bi-weekly pay periods, up to 72 hours per pay period. Length of Service and Merit Raise opportunities

Interested parties should send a resume', including three (3} employer character references (no family references}, to [email protected], or mail to Cranston Heights Fire Company at 3306 Kirkwood Hwy, Wilmington, DE. 19808, C/O Edward Yang. Drop offs will be accepted. Any questions can be referred to any of the Career Staff, Fire Chief or Deputy at (302)998-3140. 

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