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Members Recognized at Celebration
Sunday, September 17, 2017

Over the past few years, in lieu of a banquet the company has held a picnic at the station. This year, pig roast was added. Members were recognized by the company officers for years of service, as well as other recognition awards.

A pig was smoked overnight and all of the fixin's were served. The members and their families were able to enjoy a bounce house, corn hole games, and flavored Hawaiian shaved ice. We were also able to have our drawing for our Yeti cooler fundraiser.


Chief's Award: Jennifer Ferrara
Rookie of the Year: Emily Harvic

Chief's Award: Paul Strochine
Rookie of the Year: Ryan Hubschmidt
Chief's Official Commendation: Timothy O'Connor

President's Award: Jennifer Ferrara
President's Certificate of Appreciation: Mike Cook
President's Certificate of Appreciation: Nick Pedicone


5 Years of Service
Jason Brainard
Staci Powers

10 Years of Service
Bruce Cahall
Jordan Edgerton
Tommy Pennington
Dennis Koon

15 Years of Service
Alan Rossi
Randy Duncan

20 Years of Service (Life Membership)
Jennifer Ferrara
Lester Collazo
Brian Warrick
Eric Larson

25 Years of Service
Rocco Ghione
George Lamborn
Al Head
Joe Smith

30 Years of Service
Don Eastburn
Drew Beideman

35 Years of Service
Michael Szymanski
Andrew Ryan
Adam DeLucia

40 Years of Service
Stanely Szymanski
James Rossi
Davis Salvatore
Ken Yorkston
Brian Lange
Robert Hayes
Harry Cicchini

45 Years of Service
Edward Clark

50 Years of Service
Donald Parks

55 Years of Service
Danny Biggers

60 Years of Service
James Fischer

65 Years of Service
Ernest Piazza
Harold Harrington

We are so glad that we wereable to honor our members and thank them for their continued contributions over 2016, 2017, and before. We look forward to being able to recgnize more members next year.

A specal thanks to Avondale Fire Company for helping cover our district and to Kimos Real Hiawiian Shave Ice.

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