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Anthony Lepone Appointed as Chief Engineer

Wednesday, December 14, 2022
This week, the officers of Cranston Heights called a special meeting to order to recognize one of our Full time Career staff, FF/EMT Anthony Lepone.

Anthony started with us as a supplemental staff employee, and has been Full time since May of 2019. Since the very beginning of his employment with Cranston Heights, Anthony has proven to be an asset to our company in more ways than one. When Anthony accepted a full time position with us, he stated that he enjoys working with power equipment and and has an interest in equipment maintenance, since then it has been no secret that Anthony has kept him self busy on and off duty!

Anthony took the time to learn each piece of our apparatus inside and out, as well as worked side by side with our contracted fleet mechanics to better learn and diagnose all types of repairs necessary.

The Officers of Cranston Heights Fire Company Proudly presented Anthony with the official title of Chief Engineer.

From all of us here at Cranston Heights - Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to our fleet , it does not go unnoticed! 

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