Seagrave Marauder II Pumper - Squad 14 (14-3)

Squad 14 is one of two identical engines in our front line operation. Also with seating and SCBA for 6 firefighters,   Squad 14 carries 750 gallons of water, and has a 1500 GPM, 2 stage Waterous pump. Squad 14 also has (2) 200ft 1-3\4 crosslays, as well as (1) 200ft 2-1\2 crosslay. Squad 14 also carries 1200ft of 5” LDH supply line, as well as (1) 300ft 1-3\4 rear handline, and a static bed of 700 ft of 2-1\2 and 150ft of 1-3\4 attached to it, for a total of 950 foot. This line is used during reverse lay operations, and it gives us the ability to have a secondary 2-1\2” handline readily available, as well as long stretches that may need to be made during structure fires. Squad 14 carries portable ground ladders, and has a variety of hand tools and forcible entry tools including elevator keys,  as well as a positive pressure fan, a saw, portable scene lighting, Junkyard Dog struts, cribbing, Holmatro Rams, Spreader, and Cutter, powered by a Portable pump.

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