District Maps

District Maps

We have placed tour district maps online for easier distribution when updates are made. All of our maps are created using Visual Cadd 5.0 and then converted to PDF files.

If you have any questions about the maps, please contact us using our contact form below.
Name Info Page
A.I. DuPont High School School A-1
Albertson Park Development A-2
Angelsey Development A-3
Autum Hills Development A-4
Avalon Development A-5
Agilent Technologies   A-6
Barley Mill Court Development B-1
Barley Mill Drive   B-2
Barley Mill Road   B-3
Barley Mill Road Ramsey Road to Centerville Road B-3a
Barley Mill Road Centerville Road to Centre Road B-3b
Barley Woods Development B-4
Brandywine Springs Manor Development B-5
Brandywine Convalescent Home Nursing Home B-6
Breidablik Development B-7
Brookland Terrace Development B-8
Brookmeade I Development B-9
Brookmeade II & III Development B-10
Brook Valley Development B-11
Campbell Road - Route 82   C-1
Canterbury Hills Development C-2
Carriage Road   C-3
Cedars Development C-4
Centerville Road   C-5
Centerville Road 1200 block to 1900 block C-5a
Centerville Road 1900 block to 2200 block C-5b
Centerville Road Faulkland Road to Lancaster Pike C-5c
Centerville Road Lancaster Pike to Barley Mill Road C-5d
Centerville Road Barley Mill Road to Hillside Road C-5e
Centerville Road Hillside Road to Campbell Road C-5f
Centre Road - Route 141   C-6
Centre Road - Route 141 RR tracks to Ferris Rd C-6a
Centre Road - Route 141 Ferris Rd to Faulkland Rd C-6b
Centre Road - Route 141 Faulkland Rd to Lancaster Pk C-6c
Centre Road - Route 141 Lancaster Pk to Kennett Pk C-6d
Cheshire Development C-8
Chestnut Run Shopping Center C-7
Coffee Run Condominiums C-9
Cokesbury Village Main Building C-10
Cokesbury Village Cottages Cottages C-11
Cranston Hall Apartments C-12
Cranston Heights Development C-13
Cranston Place Development C-13
Davis Terrace Development D-1
Deer Valley Development D-2
Delle Donne Corporate Center   D-3
Depot Shopping Center Shopping Center D-4
Driftwood Club Apartments D-5
Delaware Youth & Family Center   D-6
Fairthorne Development F-1
Fairway Estates Development F-2
Faulkland Heights Development F-3
Faulkland Road - Route 34   F-4
Faulkland Road - Route 34 Newport Gap Pk to WW RR F-4a
Faulkland Road - Route 34 WW RR to Centerville Rd F-4b
Faulkland Road - Route 34 Centerville Rd to Kendall Rd F-4c
Faulkland Road - Route 34 Kendall Rd to Centre Rd F-4d
Faulkland Woods Development F-5
Fells Lane   F-6
Ferris School   F-7
Fox Hollow Development F-8
Gap Turnpike Plaza Shopping Center G-1
Greenbank Manor Apartments G-2
Greenbank Road   G-3
Greenbank Shopping Center Shopping Center G-4
Greenspring Road cross street: Hillside Rd G-5
Greenville Place & Towers Apartments G-6
Halsey Drive   H-1
Hercules Inc. Research Center   H-2
Hercules Road   H-3
Highlands of Westminister Development H-4
Hillside Farms Development H-5
Hillside Mill Road   H-6
Hillside Road   H-7
Hoopes Reservoir   H-8
Hedge Apple Lane   H-9
Kennett Pike - Route 52   K-1
Kennett Pike - Route 52 Rt 141 to Hillside Rd K-1a
Kennett Pike - Route 52 Hillside Road to Campbell Road K-1b
Kirkwood Highway - Route 2   K-2
Lancaster Pike - Route 48   L-1
Lancaster Pike - Route 48 Loveville Rd to Hercules Rd L-1a
Lancaster Pike - Route 48 Hercules Rd to Centerville Rd L-1b
Lancaster Pike - Route 48 Centerville Rd to Centre Rd/Rt 141 L-1c
Limerick Development L-2
Little Falls Center 1 & 2   L-3
Little Falls Center 3   L-4
Little Falls Village Development L-5
Loveville Road   L-6
Loveville Road Newport Gap Pk to Lancaster Pk L-6a
Loveville Road Lancaster Pk to Old Wilmington Rd L-6b
Lynnway Estates Development L-7
Marbrook Elementary School School M-1
Masonic Home Main Building M-2
Masonic Home Cottages M-2a
Mount Cuba Road   M-3
New London Road - Route 82   N-1
Newport Gap Pike   N-2
Newport Gap Pike WW Railroad tracks to Old Capital Trail N-2a
Newport Gap Pike Old Capital Trail to Kirkwood Hwy/Rt 2 N-2b
Newport Gap Pike - Route 41 Kirkwood Hwy/Rt 2 to Faulkland Rd/Rt 34 N-2c
Newport Gap Pike - Route 41 Faulkland Rd/Rt 34 to Hercules Rd N-2d
Newport Gap Pike - Route 41 Hercules Rd to Loveville Rd N-2e
NCC Detention Center   N-3
Old Capitol Trail   O-1
Old Capitol Trail Centerville Rd to Newport Gap Pike O-1a
Old Capitol Trail Newport Gap Pike to WW Railroad tracks O-1b
Old Hobson Farm Development O-2
Old Wilmington Road   O-3
Powder Mill Square Shopping Center P-1
Prices Corner Shopping Center P-2
Ramsey Ridge Development R-1
Ramsey Road cross street: Old Wilmington Rd R-2
Ramsey Road cross street: Barley Mill Rd R-2a
Regal Heights Nursing Home R-4
Rolling Mill Road   R-3
Saint Catherine of Siena Church / School S-1
Sedgeley Farms Development S-2
Spice Mill Run Development S-3
Spring Valley Development S-4
Squirrel Run Development S-5
Stella Plaza Shopping Center S-6
Stonewold Development S-7
Stoney Crest Development S-8
Tatnall School School T-1
Tybrook Development T-2
Tall Trees Development T-3
Valmy Lane   V-1
West Riding Development W-1
Westbrae Development W-2
Westgate Farms Development W-3
Westminister Development W-4
Westmont Development W-5
Westover Hills Development W-6
Windward Road   W-8
Winterbury Development W-7
Wooddale Development W-9
Woodland Heights Development W-10
Woodland Park Development W-11
Woodland Park Apartments Apartments W-12

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