Fire and emergency services are one of the most diverse and challenging professions. You need courage, dedication, assertiveness and an open mind to learn new skills and face new challenges. The diversity in this line of work is what inspires most men and women to volunteer in the fire service. Members must train and prepare to cope with situations that range from building fires to water rescues to hazardous materials incidents to medical problems and almost any other emergency situation. Whether you're looking to be a firefighter, EMT, driver or just help out with fundraising and everything in between - We Need Your Help! The Cranston Heights Fire Company does not discriminate upon and is looking for volunteers of any age, race or gender. We are a diverse group and are always striving to recruit more people to move us forward. Everyone has a certain talent to offer, why don't you consider the Cranston Heights Fire Company?

If you join, here are some of the jobs you can do:

Firefighting, Vehicle Rescue Technician, Emergency Medical Technician, Administrative Support, Photography, Information Technology, Fire Police, Mechanic, Specialized County Technical Rescue Teams.

Details of Cranston Height Fire Company

All of our members are volunteers
We provide Fire Suppression, Vehicle Extrication, Emergency Medical Services, Hazardous Materials incidents and Fire Prevention
We operate a total of nine apparatus: two engines, one heavy rescue, one Hazardous Materials unit, two basic life support ambulances, one field piece and two command units.
We provide services 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year.

Cadet Firefighter Program

The Cadet Firefighter program is open to young adults ages 15 to 17. The benefits of starting in our Cadet Firefighting program are numerous. It serves as a great foundation for young adults to build upon. Including discipline, confidence building, morale and an emphasis on school work and shaping their futures. All of this, plus helping your neighbors! Cadet members will be able to ride the apparatus as long as they have attended classes at the Delaware State Fire School in the Spring and Fall. The members will not be able to enter the structure, but can still provide needed help on the fire scene. At the age of 17, the member will become a probationary firefighter.

Probationary Fire Program

Anyone from the age of 18 and above can join the Cranston Heights Fire Company as a probationary member. The individual will serve one full year before becoming a senior member. During that one year period they must complete Basic Firefighting Skill, Structural Firefighting, Hazardous Materials Response and Vehicle Extrication. After completion of the classes, the member will be able to be considered an interior firefighter and may enter a structure.

Emergency Medical Technician

Firefighting not for you? Then you can become a Emergency Medical Technician. The Cranston Heights Fire Company has two Basic Life Support ambulances. These units are responsible for patient care and transportation to our local hospitals. The personnel on these units are Nationally Registered Emergency Medical Technicians as well as DE state registered. They attend classes that are taught through the Delaware State Fire School, where they learn everything from how to treat broken bones to a cardiac arrest.

We provide FREE training

Fire and EMS training is conducted in house and at the nationally recognized Delaware State Fire School. We train continuously to matain the highest levels of professionalism that we expect from our members and the community expects from us.

Ladies Auxiliary

The Ladies Auxiliary is a vital part of the Cranston Heights Fire Company. The ladies have supported the members of the fire company through there craft shows and catering events.


Cranston Heights Fire Company also has a seperate administrative branch. These are the members who run the fire company, positions include: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Financial Secretary and Directors.

Social Member

These members are usually part of the community who join to help out with our fundraising and other functions. They are also entitled to all the benefits of Cranston Heights Fire Company.

Member Benefits

Delaware State income tax credit of $400
Pension Plan
Company Benefits
Leadership Opportunities
Self Satisfaction
Belonging to an Extended Family
Saving a Life
Respect from individuals in the community


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