Pierce Heavy Rescue - Walk In - Rescue 14

Holmatro Vehicle Extrication Equipment, JYD Light Vehicle Stabilization, Paratech Heavy Vehicle Stabilization, 15,000lb bumper mounted winch.  9500lb Portable Winch, Large assortment of recovery chain, Come-a-longs, Complement of Turtle Plastics Stabilization, Holmatro Air Lifting bags, Multiple forcible entry tools, Assortment of Hand and power tools, positive and Negative pressure fans, Multiple Gas powered Saws, EMS Equipment, Water Rescue Gear, Low Angle Rope Rescue Equipment,Elevator Rescue Equipment, TICs, Gas Meters, High and low angle anchor points, 4 Bottle Cascade System with Booster Pump, 30KW Generator, 12V scene lighting, 6000W telescoping light tower, Air tool Compressor. 


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