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Residential Fire with Subject Trapped: Elsmere Gardens (Assist Elsmere FC)

Monday, November 6, 2017

On January 9, 2013 at 21:35 hrs Cranston Heights Fire Company was dispatched to assist Elsmere Fire Company on a residential fire with reported people trapped. Cranston Heights firefighters responded on Engine 143 (6) and Rescue 14 (5). The first arriving officer (Mike Wiktorowicz Deputy 16) reported that heavy smoke was showing from the two-story middle of the row residence. Upon arrival Engine 143 commanded by Captain Tim O’Connor laid out a 1000’ of supply line. The crew established a 2’ attack line and made entry into the residence. The crew split into two crews establishing fire attack and search operations. The crews encountered rapidly declining conditions while performing there duties. The crew from Rescue 14 Commanded by Deputy Chief Jon Sokira established the Rapid Intervention Team and placed ground ladders on both the “A” and “C” sides of the structure. The crews worked onscene for three hours before being cleared to return to quarters. The fire is being investigated by the Delaware State Fire Marshal’s office. Other assisting units 16-5, L-16, R-16, L- 17, 17-5, Squirt 30, 2-6, 21-6, A-2, A-23, B-14, Arson 1, FM2, FM3, FM6, FM22, NCC Medics

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