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Three (Cranston Heights FCo) Firemen Killed As Fire Engine Overturns

Monday, August 6, 2018

"Three Firemen Killed As Fire Engine Overturns"

By International News Service

WILMINGTON,  Del.,  Jan.  16.--- Edward Einsworth, 20, Ralph Ogden, 20, and David Hook, 20 of Marshallton, Del., all voluntary firemen of the Cranston Heights fire company, are dead today the result of skidding and overturning of a fire engine on which they were responding to an alarm.  Cranston Heights is part of Marshallton.

The accident occurred at 10 p.m.. as the engine was rounding a corner near the fire house, firemen said.  The victims died after being rushed to the Wilmington hospital here.

The three victims were pinned underneath the overturned engine.  Five other firemen were injured.

The firemen were responding to a small fire at the home of Mrs. Grace Emerson, Marshallton, when the accident occurred."

Article Courtesy of Dennis R. Hitchens (CHFCo. Historical Committee Chairman)

Three (CHFC) Firemen Killed As Fire Engine Overturns (16January1926)
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