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Garage, Automobile Fire: Cranston Heights

Monday, August 6, 2018


"Property of W.H. Lord, at Cranston Hghts., Burns With $1000 Loss"


"Special to The Evening Journal."


"Fire of undetermined origin destroyed a garage and an automobile owned by William H. Lord, State Internal Revenue collector (Charter Member of CHFCo) early yesterday morning. The fire wa(s) discovered about 3 o'clock by Mrs. Lord, who aroused members of the family. The local firemen were called but the garage in which the car was stored was a mass of flames upon their arrival. The loss was placed at $1000."

"The local firemen are planning to hold a "500" and bingo party in Pythian Castle, Wilmington, on the evening of February 17. James Grant Johnston is chairman of the committee in charge. His assistants are George Haigh, Eben Jones, Charles Heathcot and Walter Pierce. Arrangements are being made to have a bus leave Wilmington for this place after the party."

"The Ladies' Auxiliary of the fire company will meet tonight at the home of Mrs. J.G. Johnston. Plans will be made for the bingo party to be held at the fire house tomorrow night."

Special Thanks to Charles Stockman (EFC/WFD ret) for providing this article (Hitchens)

Garage & Auto Fire: Property of W. Lord in Cranston Heights (21January1930)
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