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Members Participate in 9/11 Memorial Virtual Race

Friday, September 11, 2020

Today, several members ran today in honor of those fallen this day in 2001 as part of Fusion Racing's 9/11 Virtual Race. Deputy Chief Brian Warrick, FF/EMT Ed Yang, FF/EMT Phil Gordon, and FF/EMT Anthony Lepone participated, while being escorted by the staffing on duty with A14 and Squad 14.

While a rainy, but otherwise nice day to run, the runners battled previous injuries, weighted vests, and pride to complete the course. The course (shown in the map) was developed to run through our district, totaling 3.43 miles. All of those running stayed together, supporting one another, finishing together, just as we would on the fire ground.

The money was raised by the group and will go to the Home of the Brave Foundation, a charity that helps homeless veterans with housing assistance and to get them back on their feet.

#Neverforget #run302 #fusionracing

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