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U.S. Fire Apparatus - Chemical Engine

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

This was the first piece of fire apparatus purchased by the Cranston Heights Fire Company. The two tank 70 gallon chemical engine was built by the United States Fire Apparatus Company, which was located in Wilmington. This engine was delivered painted "Green" and placed into service by the CHFCo. on 3 July 1920. Later it would be painted "Red" and is only one of two pieces of apparatus in the history of the CHFCo not to be painted in the more recognizable "White". (Credit for All to Original Photographer)

1920 U.S. Fire Apparatus Chemical Engine
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Purchasing Committee Plaque for 1st CHFCo Apparatus (photo: D. Hitchens)
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1920 U.S. Fire Apparatus Chemical Engine with CHFCLA
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Every Evening Newspaper: Wilm, Del (1 July 1920)
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