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It is Night 2 for our Santa Runs

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Here is our schedule for tonight! It will be in the area of the map highlighted in GREEN.

· 6pm - Brook Valley
Brook Valley Road and Brook Valley Road

· 620pm - Greenville Place Apts.
Presidential Drive and Senatorial Drive

· 640pm - Barley Mill Court, Fairthorne & Westover Hills
Barley Drive and Kensington Lane

· 700pm - Limerick
Downs Drive and Stabler Circle

· 720pm - Anglesey
Harleck Drive and Harleck Drive (closest to the development entrance)

· 740pm - Sedgley Farms
Threadneedle Road and Courtney Road

· 8pm - Stonewold
Stonewold Way and Oxford Way

· 820pm - Greenville Overlook
Odyssey Drive and Oracle Road

Be sure to listen for the sirens around your area’s stop time!!


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Views: 12

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