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Kenwood Viking 6430-F2 Radios Available for Purchase

Thursday, February 23, 2023
The Cranston Heights Fire Co is listing the following equipment for sale:
Kenwood Viking 800mhz Portable Radio Package
Model: Kenwood Viking 6430-F2
Kenwood KMC-70 Speaker Mic with 3 buttons
Kenwood KNB-L2 Batteries (3)
Kenwood KSC-Y32 Desktop Charger
All equipment was operational when removed from service recently. Placed into service in December of 2017, removed form service in July of 2022. Statewide upgrade to Motorola system. (NOTE: It will not be able to be used on the DE system in the future.) All equipment was used in the fire/EMS environment and shows use, but no damage. This equipment is just over 5 years old. Programmed for P25 Phase 1, however P25 Phase 2 capable.
Total 18 packages available at $1350 each. Pricing available for bulk purchase.
Shipping included in cost.
Interested parties should contact FF/EMT David Majewski, Jr. at [email protected]

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